Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salamanca Market

So I have recently moved back to Australia to study after 3 wonderful years in the UK.  I was lucky enough to travel for 2 months on the way home, visiting friends and family in Denmark, Greece, Belgium and then a trip to the states for my sister's Hawaiian wedding, a few days in Vegas and finally LA!

Phew! I feel totally spoilt by all my travel, but I was glad to get back home.  Living out of a suitcase was starting to lose its charm and then of course there was the the inevitable holiday weight gain....

Back in gorgeous Tassie the weather at the market today was a little cooler than the northern hemisphere has been and my shipping from the UK still hasn't arrived! I may not have much to show for my 28 years, but I have a lot of shoes and clothes that I am dearly missing.  For now I am making do with layering jackets, my faithful Witchery ponte pants and my $10 Michael Jackson King of Pop Tshirt courtesy of Paddy's market in Sydney.

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