Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Denim shorts aren't just for festivals and the beach, they work equally as well in the city with a blazer and heels. Lately,as I haven't been able to find the perfect pair, so I have been making my own from charity shop jeans. So the other day I had myself a "Crafternoon" and made a new pair.

As I get older there are many things I come to realise and one of them is- super short, super tight shorts belong in Ibiza and nowhere else. As my friend Sophia says 'more is more'. That being said, anything too long and you're going to look like Urkel.

I bought these from the Salvation Army for $5 and I chose them for a couple of reasons. I love the elastic waist as I prefer to wear them waist height and it really cinches you in. They are also quite wide through the leg. When the leg is wider, you can get away with having them quite short without showing too much. It's more high fashion than a 'knicker' style hot pant and you'll get fewer disapproving looks from the elderly.

I started by cutting off the legs, leaving a couple of inches as a margin for error (I get a little scissor happy sometimes and I've learned from an ill fated John Farnham Tshirt project that it's easier to take more off than add some on...)

Once I got the right length, I then frayed the hem with a pair of very fine scissors and cut off the excess cotton to make it look more finished. Warning- fraying is SUPER dull. Make a cup of tea and put on some music, or better yet have some friends around for a Crafternoon and some conversation.

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