Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If you get a chance to visit...Ethos


After attempting to tackle my Christmas shopping on the weekend (I got 2 gifts and 1 for me...that's good isn't it?) we were in need of a quick pit stop. Ethos in Elizabeth St, Hobart was named by The Australian as one of the best restaurants in Australia and rightly so. 

A converted stable, you can choose to eat in the sundrenched court yard or stay cool in the restaurant. Inside, attention has been paid to the finer details. From the handcrafted paper flowers nestled amongst their garden grown sisters in mismatched glass bottles and jars, to the stacks of books piled on tables. It is spot on without feeling contrived. 

The food was excellent, although for a quick afternoon stop there weren't many mid sized options. Not ready for a 3 course meal we settled on olives and some of the most delicious chick peas I've ever tasted.

Save for a day when you have a big appetite and a completely free afternoon to relax with friends over good food and wine.

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