Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I Wore...Heat wave

It's been really hot here the last few 42 degrees, breaking 120 years worth of records hot. Which is sometimes difficult to dress for when wandering around half naked isn't appropriate.  

These are a few of my outfits from the week. I think I like the J.S. Dundee orange shorts and grey vest the best. I got the shorts from a sample sale in Dalston and they're actually men's, so they're super comfy. Also a good excuse to wear the beaded necklace I bought in Morocco for £8. There just isn't enough haggling for goods in this country!

I took the last photo while waiting for Kel in her backyard. About 10 minutes later we were putting her chickens in the shower with ice and wet towels. So glamorous. 

Outfit 1: Skirt- Kooples, Top- ID
Outfit 2: Shorts- American Apparel, Top- Sportsgirl
Outfit 3: Shorts- J.S. Dundee, Vest- H and M, Necklace- Morocco, Shoes- Topshop
Outfit 4:- Jersey dress- American Apparel, Necklaces- Mimco


  1. so jealous! I want to be somewhere warm... it's so cold in Seoul right now!


  2. wow I'm so jealous of the weather!!! London isn't too bad for January but till 42degrees! Must be nice!!
    I love your outfit with the red skirt! Really need to have more variation in my colour selection! Xx

  3. It's so strange seeing so much sun when its so cold and overcast here!
    These outfits are lovely :)


  4. love your hair and the first outfit! thanks for the comment in my blog, btw.=D

  5. Love the colors! xoxo ;)

  6. Nice stuff dear
    x the cookies