Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Adventures in Melbourne

Ah Melbourne...Australia's Fashion Capital. A city of hipsters, great pubs and blistering summers. Here are a few shots from our weekend there in February. It was perfect Pimms weather and I do love a drink that has an edible garnish, so we forked out $16 each for these bad boys. Totally worth it, in the words of Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids 'Shit, that is fresh.'

After a delicious breakfast at Milkwood (try the fluffy clouds of joy), we went to the Hello Sailor Vintage fair in Fitzroy. Held in a pub, you could enjoy a nice pint while you admired the wares of the very honest stall holders (see price tag above). I bought a great pale pink 60s dress which I have been dying to wear, but the never ending summer down here is interfering. 60s fabrics, alas, they don't breathe.

On our way home, our very kind host provided us a care package of freshly baked (and still warm) gluten free carrot cake and a pack of English muffins. Thank goodness we demolished the cake in the car, because we were flying a particularly budget airline and were forced to put on as many clothes as possible to avoid severe excess baggage charges. I actually filled my pockets with makeup. Thank god I was was wearing vintage cut offs with deep pockets.

I am back in Melbourne at the end of March for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week. This time though I have been smart enough to pay for check in baggage.

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