Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafternoon...Distressed Denim

When I was in my early teens ripped jeans were really popular, although I never had any myself. My mother was fairly adamant that she was not prepared to pay good money for jeans that were basically destroyed. Not to mention the fact that in the 90s the jeans were extremely tight and ripped just below your butt cheeks, which my mother didn't approve of. There was an actually an episode of Home and Away, in which Irene unleashed her fury on Selina for distressing a brand new pair of jeans she had just bought her. Poignant and moving stuff.

The current distressed jeans are light wash, loose fitting and cropped or cuffed just above the ankle. I found a great pair of Levis at a second hand shop for the bargain price of only $7 and decided they were the perfect shape and colour to try this look.
You will need-
Sand paper squares (small. You can get these from any hardware store)
Gloves (So you don't accidentally sandpaper your hands...I used rubber. Gardening gloves would also do, but leather or wool would just be counter productive)
About 45 minutes

For ripped knees you have 2 options. You could sandpaper the knee area until it becomes soft, then it will tear naturally over time. If, like me, you want a major tear in the knee, make a small incision with scissors, then rip with your hands. It will fray the material at the same time and looks more naturally worn.
Now for the sand paper. This is the time to bring out the gloves and be patient. I'd also like to suggest doing this outside because it gets very dusty. I think I got the blue lung from ingesting too much denim.

It's very simple, you just need to gently rub the sandpaper over the denim until it starts to wear down to the level you would like. Obviously the more threadbare you want it, the more you'll need to focus on the spot. I think it's a good idea to lightly sandpaper the whole surface of the jeans too too, to give them a well worn look. You want it to look like you've been wearing them for years.
I normally wear platform heels, but this style is better suited to a statement flat or a pump. I kept everything else simple, wearing a plain vest and a bold lip. The jeans are super laid back, so too many accessories or a loud printed top would overwhelm the look.

Heels- Wittner / Top- H and M / Jean- customised Levis

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