Monday, March 18, 2013

Ilustration by Sam Lyne

For a couple of months I have been wanting to buy a print by Tasmanian artist Sam Lyne (please visit his site here). Having made one of my New Year's resolutions 'will not acquire non-essential objects', I kept reminding myself that I didn't really need it. Yet something about this image has stuck with me and I finally bought it.
The picture is called Wistful. I think it is so beautiful. Heartbreaking, but also hopeful. A good friend of mine can't look at it, it makes her feel too sad. For her, his dream is too crazy. He is not made for flight, so the sun will set and he won't succeed.

But I know that when the sun rises in the morning he will be back out there, wings on, ready to try again. I think that would actually make a much better New Year's resolution. Believe in yourself, against all odds.
Image via Sam Lyne

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