Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beautiful Things...Mimco Sultan Backpack

Hi, my name is Ebony and I am in love with my Mimco Sultan Backpack.

If the shows at LMFF taught me anything, it's that backpacks are big business. I have personally not used a backpack since the 90s. Remember when we all had those tiny little impractical backpacks with straps that took up more space than the body of the bag? Mine was a Living Doll one and I thought I was the shiznet for having it.

I'm an adult now though and if I'm having a backpack it has to be beautiful, functional and practical. Along comes the Sultan. On a daily basis I carry- phone, glasses, sunglasses, keys, makeup, kindle, enviro shopping bag, pawpaw ointment, spare shoes, snacks (raw carrot and often a boiled egg...) and a bottle of water. All this crap is no match for the Sultan, with still more room to spare.

The standard Mimco features we have come to expect, detachable straps and length options, mean that the bag function as a backpack, over the shoulder satchel and handbag.  Although I would say if you are going to load it up and try and carry it with the top handle, the latch does tend to pop open.

I bought mine in the sale a couple of weeks ago. You will be lucky enough to get it even cheaper than I did in their online store, with further reductions today.

This whole glorious experience puts me in mind of 10 Things I Hate About You. The only clip I could find is below, but the line I'm referring to occurs around the 5 minute mark.

Last 2 images via Mimco

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