Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elle Women in Music 2013


Music has always been such an important part of my life. Although I have absolutely no musical talent, trying my hand at singing, guitar, piano, violin...all of it an assault on my family's ears. Despite this, music helps me get through day to day life. I require a constant soundtrack- the radio in my car, my iPod when I do my grocery shopping, the songs in my head that get me through my working day.

They say smell is the sense that triggers memories, but for me it is always music that takes me back. It is a gift when a song can bring a smile to your face, transporting you to a beautiful memory. They're mostly small snapshots in time, dancing on a bar to This Charming Man with my best friend, listening to Fleetwood Mac driving through Greece, exploring London on a sunny day with Eliza Doolittle telling me to pack up my troubles. The flip side of course, is finding yourself in a public place and hearing the song that got you through your last breakup. That's when you just have to politely excuse yourself and go have a good cry in the toilets.

US Elle's behind the scenes film from their Women in Music issue features icons Pat Benatar and Alicia Keys, as well as new comers including Haim and Rita Ora.  They share their stories of writing their first songs and their journeys to success, acknowledging the key role they play in the lives of their fans. Pat Benatar explains how honoured she is to be a part of people's memories, how her songs can reach out and remind them of a time in their history. Angel Haze wants her music to communicate that whatever you are going through, somebody has been through it before, assuring you that everything gets better. 

These women have a powerful gift. Through their music they move us, touch us, make us believe their experiences are no different to our own. Definitely women worth celebrating.

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