Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Things...White Shoes

Something magical appears to be happening over in the Zara shoe design department. I am sad to report that I am one of the unfortunate souls (ha...pun. Not your Dad's puns either...TURBOPUNS) who does not have a Zara in their city. I am reduced to scrolling longingly through their website and dreaming of the day, 3 short months from now, when I will once again enter a Zara store on Oxford St and literally fight people to secure the last pair of size 39 pumps. Is it ladylike to reveal your shoe size online? Probably about as ladylike as hitting someone over the head with a bucket bag and running to the register shouting 'you'll never take me alive!'

I vaguely recall my mother saying 'Only prostitutes wear white shoes and carry white hand bags.' Honestly, I don't know if she actually said this or if I dreamed it up, but it seems like something Rosanne would say. Only she'd be more tactful and old fashioned. Perhaps she said 'Only ladies of the night wear white shoes and carry white hand bags.' She has a way with these things. Like when she babysat her neighbour's children in Sydney in the 70s to help out a fellow 'working girl', thinking the term just referred to a hard working young person like herself. She was a records clerk her, her neighbour was a prostitute.

I have firmly thrown this old prejudice against white shoes aside and fully embraced the trend. It makes sense. After a few summers of colour blocking and print, my eyes have grown weary, I need something simple and chic when I look down at my feet. As fickle as we are though, these Zara beauties are the perfect way to buy into the trend for this season.

Clockwise from left Ankle Strap Sandal 39.99 GBP, Block Heel Platform 69.99 GBP, Leather Ankle Strap Sandal 39.99 GBP and Wedge Court Shoe 69.99 GBP

Images via Zara

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