Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mona Coma


If you are in Hobart today there's a fair chance you have slipped into what is now known as the 'Mona Coma'. We've had an intense two weeks of Dark MOFO, the first Winter instalment of the Mona Foma festival, which coincided with some particularly wintery weather.

It was a full two weeks, with concerts, parties, feasts and openings almost every night. I also attended a Writer's Festival, which I'll tell you more about later. We balanced work with minimal hours of sleep and pretty horrendous hangovers. It's a time when my friends, all responsible professionals- business owners, designers, film makers, managers, teachers- accept the fact they are going to be on a seesaw of elation/misery. Let me paint a picture for you...

Elation- 'I'm having the best time EVER! The bunny room is so fun, I could dance all night. I haven't confessed yet, I don't know what I'm going to you think I should confess I kept that cat that time for 3 days even though I saw the lost poster? I did give it back, it was just so cute and you know it was just after the breakup...Did you see the old bearded guys baking scones and playing 70s music? You're so soft and cuddly...Where's who? Oh, in the cupboard dancing to BeyoncĂ©...What do you mean it's 3am? Hang on, I just need to finish this drink...oh man, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!'

Misery- 'Oh sweet Jesus. Do you have any Panadol? I'm not sure the bacon eggs at 4am were a great idea. I may never be able to face food again. Do you remember those 2 girls fighting in the cupboard? She was totally going to fall off that speaker...Guess what? That guy confirmed my friend request, I don't even remember adding him. Crap, my calendar says I have a client meeting this afternoon, do you think I can wear sunglasses? I wore this sparkly necklace hoping it would reflect light back into my eyes. Shit, the skin on my face feels like sandpaper. I need a coconut water and a face mask stat. So what time are we meeting tonight?'

Today was the final day of the festival, a glorious Hobart Sunday, and finally we sank into our Mona Coma. Some of us were in bed with the flu, some went fishing, some found serenity at the beach. Quite a few of us enjoyed the hospitality of our beautiful friends Finn and Essie. They put on an amazing spread of food, which we all enjoyed in the comfort of their lounge, complete with pillows and doonas (duvets, quilts to you lovely overseas folk) on the floors and comfy lounge chairs for those with DRIs (dance related injuries). It'll take us six months to recover, but come January, we'll be doing it all again.

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