Saturday, June 15, 2013

Musical Motivation...Plan B

Three years when I was living in Manchester, I would very often wake up with a hangover and think of this song. If you've ever been to Manchester you would know that those people know how to make the most of a night out. Nothing can stop them, not rain, not snow, not even hypothermia. My friend Soph was my main partner in crime. We danced on bars, spent hours in a booth drinking £10 bottles of wine at Common and drawing terrible tattoo designs on coasters. We even asked the bar manager if we could get free drinks for life if we had Common tattooed on us. Thankfully for us, the answer was no.

Those were the days I went on really awful dates, was chased round the beauty department by staff wielding concealer and very often woke up with the initial thought 'Shit...'. Checking my text message outbox in the morning was almost as terrifying as checking my bank balance. My generosity tends to peak around 2am when I'm shouting everyone cocktails and apparently, think I'm Hugh Hefner.

They were great times and make for entertaining stories, but of course we all have to grow up eventually. At least I know Plan B is probably still out there living it up for me. 

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