Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A day out in Copenhagen

The Danes are MAD for bikes. I, on the other hand, am terrified of them. Which is tough for my Danish friends accustomed to being out and about on two wheels, because when I visit we have to walk everywhere. Which is what Soph and I did when we enjoyed a delightful, slightly hungover Sunday, wandering through the Copenhagen. We established early in the day (after popping into a Maccas near the cinema to get some fries and cokes for the journey) that both of our dream days out was simply going to the Cinema and eating a lot of junk food. Since I was only in town a week, we settled on that plan for my 30th birthday next year, and continued with our original plan of brunch and a lot of shopping.

I love Danish food not only because it's really tasty, but also because it's relatively healthy. Soph suggested we try one of her favourite dishes, a cold chicken salad in creamy sauce with traditional rye bread. DELICIOUS. I think I ate my body weight in rye bread while I was away and by the end of the week I hadn't gained a pound. Thank you Denmark. I made up for this with croissants in Paris.

For the rest of the day we wandered through various markets across the city, snatching up bargains. The first was a street market where I bought an oversized baseball jersey for £5, even though what I really wanted was the vintage white suitcases. I travel with awkward, heavy luggage at the best of times, so it's probably not a great idea to add 6kg worth of suitcase with no wheels to my problems. The final market was indoors, showcasing a mix of new designers and second hand clothes. I love this idea because it's a great platform for up and coming designers, but also a space for individuals to have a spring clean of their own pieces. Here, I bought a pair of brand new suede ankle boots for £30 (I can't show you a photo because they are still in transit from Europe...I told you, terrible packer, always have to send stuff back).

Space was the reason I resisted buying that oversized floral print ACNE sweater. Although the lovely shop assistant did tell me they have a new service where you can buy in store and have it delivered straight to your home! Also, I really wanted to wear it as a dress and it was just the tiniest bit too short.
'Is it slutty?' I asked her. She neither confirmed nor denied, but she did bring me a skirt to try under it, so I'm thinking the answer was in the affirmative. 
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