Saturday, October 19, 2013

What I Wore...Before Chanel

Remember when I said I fell over in the street before Chanel? Yeah...walking on cobblestones in these bad boys will do that to you. The same day as I was walking back to the boat (did I tell you guys I was staying on a boat in Paris? It was awesome) an elderly French woman stopped me. I thought I was in trouble because my shoes were making a HUGE racket on the boardwalk.
'I see you every day,' she said. 'You are never smiling.'
'I'm sorry! I'm concentrating REALLY hard on not falling over,' I replied, treating her to my apparently elusive smile. 
'You are so beautiful when you smile!' she said, then she invited me in for a drink. I had to politely decline. Walking sober was proving difficult enough. 

Dress- Cameo the Label from Belle and Paige / Shoes and Sock- Topshop


  1. Oh I love the outfit, and those socks are so cute!
    What a funny story, I understand you perfectly those cobblestones are a real challenge!

  2. Beautiful socks & beautiful shoes also! Not easy to wear, but U're doing it great!
    U looked even better in reality!!