Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I Wore…Vintage at Acne Studios PFW

I was so excited to get an email from Sophie yesterday with this shot! Not because I have drunk eyes, I don't know why I'm so squinty, but because this is the only photo I have of this outfit. I met Sophie before Acne Studios at the Grand Palais. She has an amazing blog showcasing her street style photography, visit it here. Her Pinterest is also an amazing follow for fashion lovers.

I bought this dress at the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair when I was in Melbourne. It's genuine 60s too, because this thing is so synthetic I dare not even think about going near an open flame. Originally it came to just past my knees, which was all a bit prim for me, what with the sleeves and the high neck. So inevitably, scissors and a needle were taken to it. It's probably not for everyday, but I love the 60s feel especially with the retro earrings and white loafers.
Dress- Vintage / Earrings- Mimco / Clutch- ACNE / Studded Loafers- Wittner / Ring- Chanel

Image via Sophie Mhabille

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