Saturday, June 14, 2014

If you get a chance to visit...Purl London

I recently went on a Tinder date which, from the outset, wasn't really floating my boat. He was an investment banker, older than me, not really my type...but my theory was 'hey Ebony, the type of men you're going for now are not really working out for you, maybe you should try meet some new people, branch out a little, you might be surprised.' It was not a good theory. Let's just say that the date culminated in me calling him a 'fancy man', complete with Jazz hands to really hammer my point home. I also might have made comparisons to him and Patrick Bateman. Clearly, our love was not meant to be.

The silver lining was discovering Purl in Marylebone. Although, I admit that my heart did race a little as I descended the stairs into the underground bar in my 6 inch heels. Partly because there's always the worry I'll fall, almost certainly because there would be no mobile phone reception down there and finally, because my loud Australian voice echoes in cavernous spaces.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. This speak easy style bar offers a laid back and warm welcome, with super friendly (and let's face it, really fit) staff and an innovative menu. With its wickedly cool interior featuring cosy nests of seats, and intimate alcoves, Purl is actually a perfect date location. Between cocktails my date suggested we might move to an alcove featuring two black, studded chairs located right by the piano where you can see live Jazz Monday and Wednesday nights. Given my level of attraction to my date was sitting at about -5 on the Alcove metre, I declined the re-location offer, but for lovebirds I would definitely recommend it.

But what about the drinks?! I hear you asking. They don't disappoint. My first was a LemonJellyo (I think that's how you spell it) which caused me to exclaim upon its arrival 'Wow, it comes with a lot of shit'. A tiny bottle, a glass and a neatly wrapped ball of Jelly to be exact. Never fear, the mixologist will break it down for you and tell you exactly how to drink it and in what order, so you won't end up looking like a fool. My next drink came with a fruity ice lolly in a Calippo style package, which was deliciously refreshing and reminded me of child hood summers at the beach.

As well as accommodating bookings of up to 12 people, Purl also offer classic or molecular mixology masterclasses and are happy to teach even clumsy people like me how to incorporate dry ice, smoke and liquid nitrogen into your cocktail repertoire. A place not to be missed, hit up their website here.

Image via Purl London

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