Sunday, October 12, 2014

Suddenly, it's Autumn

Last weekend I went to Denmark to see Soph, and when I got back Sunday...BAM it was Autumn. While I'm sad to retire my American Apparel short shorts, it does feel quite nice being back in a coat. Plus, Autumn leaves, the promise of mulled wine in the not too distant future, extremely chapped hands...I mean, it's just all so romantic. Thankfully I had done the ground work and broken in my new boots (which are now on sale by the way, and whilst I'm sad for me, I'm happy for everyone else because they're friggin comfortable boots). I've also had this amazing Topshop trench hidden away in my closet since the June sale. You can't buy it anymore (much to the dismay of our waitress at Breakfast Club this morning), but check is definitely here to stay, and they've made some similar lined versions for Winter. 

After brunch I convinced Jules to take my photo on Trinity Street. We've been watching a lot of America's Next Top Model, so I tried the leg kick ala Jordan Guess shoot, Season 2.0 Semi Final. I'm not sure I nailed it, but then again I've never been able to smize without looking like one of those subliminal stills from The Exorcist, so I guess it's not surprising.

                                                                  Coat, Topshop                    Ankle Boots, Kurt Geiger

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  1. I love this bottom photo :) Your oh so Jordan!!