Wednesday, November 19, 2014

They ain't your Mum's jeans...

Well, it's cold. Which means I have a cold. It also means, I am about to spend the next 3 months with my legs encased in either leather trousers (cue uncomfortable Tube rides balanced out with general bad assness associated with leather legs) and jeans. Despite being a notorious commitment phobe, when it comes to my jeans I am monogamous like a Swan. Or a Gibbon, my favourite monkey.

Currently, like all the boys from One Direction, I am rocking nothing but skinnies. Rip them, tuck them into ankle or mid calf boots (but not knee or thigh people, that look is over. Please let it go), wear them in varying shades of Winter black or grey, or be bold and go for white. If you're a Swan like myself, go for the Acnes or the J Brands. More of a denim flirt? Zara, Cheap Monday or Topshop have what you need. 
From top- Cheap Monday £49 / ACNE Studios approx £180 / Topshop £40 / J Brand £174 / Zara £30

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