Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Butterfly Foundation

You might have read recently that there is a drastic shortage of beds in the public health system to support the 9% of Australians who will suffer from an eating disorder in their life time. You can read an article by the ABC about this here.

The Butterfly Foundation is a charitable organisation that was setup in 2002 by Claire Vickery to support people suffering from eating disorders. The Foundation offers financial relief for families affected by eating disorders, as well as creating awareness campaigns, working with schools to promote a healthy lifestyle and by contributing to the funding of eating disorder and body image research.

We almost certainly all know somebody affected by an eating disorder and we definitely all know somebody affected by very poor body image (it may even be you). Sportsgirl supports this very worthy charity by selling gorgeous jewellery like the set of 2 bracelets above from their stores and online. These bracelets only cost $7 with profits going to the foundation. They're also really cute and on trend. Layer them up for Summer.

Yellow and rose fine bracelets- Sportsgirl for The Butterfly Foundation / Bangle and watch- Diva

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