Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To chop or not to chop...short hair inspiration

I have had short hair for most of my life, but every couple of years I grow it into a bob. Right now it's at that weird in-between length which looks amazing when curled or up in a coiffe. Quite frankly I am not a morning person and I'd much rather make myself an espresso than do battle with my bleached mop every single day.

These are pictures of a few of my favourite short hair style and actually some of my favourite ladies. My mother has always had really cropped hair, so I find myself naturally gravitating towards the look for myself and in women I admire. My short hair has also heavily influenced my style. Without a glorious mane of hair as my stand out feature, I tend towards large earrings, high collared shirts and bold makeup.

The big question is can I make it through another 3 inches of growing it out, or will I cave and go back to a pixie in the New Year? Stay tuned.

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