Sunday, January 13, 2013

LOVE...Caudalie Skincare

Since childhood I have had very sensitive skin, suffering from skin conditions eczema and dermatitis on my body and face. I am allergic to makeup too, which as you can imagine for a makeup artist is not ideal. As a beauty manager for Selfridges I was so lucky to be surrounded by the world's best (and most expensive) skincare brands. I tried them all and the only products that truly made a difference were from French skincare brand Caudalíe. The products pictures above are my go to dailies for my skin type, but the brand have an extensive range to meet skin types and skin concerns.

There are a few criteria that are really important to me when choosing skincare and cosmetics-
  • Not tested on animals. Non-Negotiable. It is a cruel and completely unnecessary practice and is no guarantee of a better product or one more suited for human skin. 
  • The more natural the better. When I eat, I know the best things for me are the most natural and the least processed. Why shouldn't we feel the same about our skincare? I believe the best nourishment comes from paraben free products, free of synthetic fragrances and colour. 
  • Ethical approach to business. 
When I started using the products from the Vinosource range I was living in London, an environment that takes its toll on even the healthiest skin. My skin was dehydrated, dull and hyper sensitive. I wore a full face of makeup daily, experimenting with new products and ingredients and it was taking increasing time and product to cover the redness and irritation. I had resigned myself to believing that all I would find in skincare would be products that would calm the irritation, but not provide any long term anti-aging benefits. Green technology had other ideas for me, with companies investing in research to find natural, active ingredients for skincare.

Caudalíe's active ingredients are derived from "vine and grape extracts used for our patents come from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy". Makes sense, grapes have great skin, right? A lot of products claim to reduce sensitivity, but these actually work. After using my skin was not only hydrated, but I was actually able to wear makeup that I had previously had severe allergic reactions to.

From an ethical business point of view, you can't ask more from a company than contributing 1% of their profits to approved environmental organisations, standing against animal testing, supporting WWF and using fairtrade and locally sourced ingredients.

I love these products so much I sent my Stepmum on a mission to bring me some from Belgium where they live. As the wise lady in the quaint apothecary promised her "These are the best products, simply the best."

Please visit their website to browse, learn about the brand and purchase here.

Images via Caudalie

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