Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore...Sport Luxe

During 2012 Street Style photographers couldn't get enough of the world's most fashionable in an array of baseball caps, embellished Kenzo pullovers, oversized tees and that infamous Balenciaga Jumper. It all looked super chic, comfortable and extremely wearable.

As somebody who believes in being perpetually overdressed, I took a little while to come around to Sport Luxe. Oddly, I have ALWAYS loved a tracksuit. It does makes sense, because it's basically like a suit you can throw on to go to the servo for icecream at 2am. I do love a suit and also service station icecream runs. My first commitment to the tracksuit was in 2002, a black velour number with a gold zip in the jacket. If anybody is judging me at this point, I'd like you to think about what you would choose to wear on a 4 day road trip spanning 2500km. It was a damn comfortable choice.

My next tracksuit was a bright purple Adidas Originals with the signature aqua stripes (Jacket pictured above). I justified the purchase by going as Gwen Stefani to a costume party circa Hollaback Girl. Not at all transparent excuse.

When my cosmic pencil skirt from Topshop arrived last week I knew it was the perfect thing to compliment this trend. The best thing about this Sport Luxe is that it only takes one key piece, allowing you to incorporate as much or as little femininity as you like.

Jacket- Adidas / Skirt- Topshop / Crop Top- Topshop /
 Sheer Crop Top- H and M/ Earrings- Mimco


  1. This outfit is really chic, I love the vintage feel of the adidas jacket :)


  2. Ciao sweetie!
    Such an amazing skirt! Really love it!
    Have a nice day...


  3. That is such a koool outfit!!! Reminds of the 90s!!! :D