Monday, February 4, 2013

Heavy Metal Lover



You may not think to look at me, but I love a good heavy metal bar. It's not that I listen to a lot of metal in my day to day life, but I am rather partial to thrashing around madly to a massive rock tune.

I met my last boyfriend in the Intrepid Fox in Soho (the bar pictured), which sadly I think has moved. This amazing bar decorated with skeletons, coffins and even car parts was the place to go if you wanted to see people still genuinely dressed like Axle Rose circa 1993. There was more big hair there than at the Sugar Hut in Essex and at the Fox, it was on the men.

This weekend Kel and I had a night of extremes. Planning to go to a 90s revival night, only to not be bothered to wait in the line, we ended up at a local pub where the carpet was as sticky as the mohawks. I requested Poison by Alice Cooper, quickly bonding with a man wearing velvet pants, as we danced back to back yelling 'I don't wanna break these chains!'. We also met a guy dressed as a pirate and tried on his selection of hats.

I think this is why I love places like this, because people are as dedicated to their look as any fashionista. Theatrical, extreme and always intriguing, the metal scene draws many parallels with the fashion scene and I feel very at home there.

Also, like Gaga, I wouldn't mind a Heavy Metal Lover.

Images via Vogue, Tumblr, Intrepid Fox and Fanpop


  1. Great post!!! Such cool pictures! Love your blog - you have a new stalker!!


  2. Perfect as studs have made such a big comeback. Sounds like you had a good evening. Xxxx