Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Socks and Docs

How cute is my friend Chloe? When we first met we bonded over internet shopping and a mutual appreciation of The Only Way is Essex. We very often like the same pieces, so I am always interested to see how she styles them. I have wanted this flamingo necklace from Diva for a couple of months and was very jealous when Chloe walked in wearing it today.

The adorable shoes are called Mariel by Dr. Marten and come with interchangeable bows. After their recent collaboration with my favourite Mancunian Agyness Deyn, there has undoubtedly been a Docs resurgence. They were such a staple when I was a teenager in the late 90s, when we wore them with loose baby doll dresses and white tees underneath. At that time we were also wearing kilts and over the knee socks, Clueless style, which is exactly the movie Chloe was thinking about when she got dressed this morning. Do you remember Cher's sensible driving outfit? Adorable.

Good thing fashion is having a 90s moment, because I think it's about time to bring out my Nirvana albums and watch Reality Bites.

Images via Diva, Dr. Marten and me!

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