Sunday, March 24, 2013

L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival...Part 2: The Dulux Dog

Going to a fashion festival is fun for a lot of reasons. There's the shows, obviously, but you also meet a lot of great people and you get some cool free stuff. Thanks Lavazza coffee, Sportsgirl and Skinny Cow Ice Cream for the sustenance on these long, hot days.

It's also quite nice having your picture taken. Undoubtedly the most photographed attendee at LMFF this weekend was the Dulux Dog. Her name was Violet, and according to her owner she had enjoyed a pretty exciting week of posing and receiving treats. There was apparently one slight indiscretion, when Violet broke free and found herself some nice mud to roll around in...The Dulux dog was always prone to bouts of crazy shenanigans, so we can forgive her.

The last picture makes me chuckle. You know when you see photos celebrities take from the other side of the paparazzi? One person surrounded by a heaving mass of bodies baring cameras? This is what I thought of when I took this photo. One photographer taking my picture and another one who really doesn't give a shit.

Can I blame him? Us fashion types can't compare to Violet, it's like she doesn't have a bad angle. Although we will stand still for treats. Free coffee anyone?

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