Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life saver from Lush

Since August my skin has been pissing me right off. It's always been more sensitive and temperamental than PMS week at the Kardashian house, but it's really gone above and beyond to get right on my nerves. It's been upsetting not just for me, but also for the people I care about (namely Soph and Jules) who have to put up my incessant and self centred moaning about my eczema. 

Nothing seemed to fix it either. At one point I was slapping on some cream (instructions, ingredients and prescription all in Danish) that I stole from Soph, who got it from her mother,. The stuff was so potent it actually burned off my eyelashes. Note: you aren't supposed to put crap like that on or around your eye. Note: I did not follow this note. 

So I turned to my beloved Lush Oatifix, with its bananas and oats and vanilla, truly like a nourishing breakfast for the face. This calmed it RIGHT down. It talked my skin off the ledge, but for some reason it just couldn't get it to climb back inside the window. So there I was, covering it with more and more makeup, exacerbating the problem. Finally, I stumbled back into Lush, desperate for a solution. 
'Help me!' I cried to the lovely Lush employees. (I didn't, I just politely and calmly asked for their advice), and in response to my plea they sold me...a weird cake of brown stuff, AKA Full of Grace.

The enthusiasm with which their ambassador talked about the product was typical Lush- no sales pitch, just genuine love and a healthy dose of knowledge. I only needed to hear the words 'rose', 'calamine' and 'chamomile' to feel instantly calmer. So I took it home and, with trepidation well known by us sensitive skin types, rubbed it against my face. When I try something new, I never really know if I'm going to wake up flawless aka Beyonce, or burned and upset like Harvey Dent. However, I am pleased to report that after only 2 nights use, redness is drastically reduced and almost gone; the itchiness ceased, makeup sat on my face perfectly all day. 

Normally I would wait a few more days to write such a glowing report, as skin needs time to adjust to new products. Typically you want to give yourself at least 28 days to make a final decision on a skin care product, giving your body and skin time to complete a full cycle. However, Lush never let me down. To see such a dramatic change in only two days...I'm confident I'll stand by my word. 

With such a rich blend of oils, inevitably there is some stickiness on my skin, but nothing too heavy and not at all uncomfortable. Despite the richness of this product, I'm not worried that it will cause my skin to break out in spots either (calamine also controls greasiness they tell me). Once my skin has settled right down, it may not be my every night choice. I do love the feeling of a serum and cream on my skin, but I can see myself using this a couple of times a week to keep the nasties away. Recommended to anyone in need of some hydration and TLC, especially those with sensitivity. 
Images via Lush

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