Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mittens on my mind

I wear a lot of rings. Like...a lot. Sometimes up to 20. This presents many challenges in day to day life. Like the fact I have to shove them all in my bra or a pocket when I wash my hands (when you lose a Tiffany ring down a sink, you learn some tough lessons), or when my stag ring gets tangled up in my headphones or causes my hand to get stuck in my handbag. I can't carry anything in my left hand when I wear my Bjorg spine ring, what with my inability to bend my finger and all. One wonders why I would bother, but you know, I got a Liberace vibe happening and I like it.

Then Autumn comes around, and all of the above pale into insignifigance compared with the fact that I can't wear gloves. My hands get cold, they get chapped, and as the months roll on and winter descends, I'm decorating the hands of an Ent (those giant tree people from Lord of the Rings).

Mittens. They are my only solution. Sure, I'll feel like I'm about 4 years old. Fine I won't be able to use my iPhone like those crafty mofos buying the Muji Touchscreen Gloves. Yes, ultimately if I get an itch on my face, I will resemble a cat cleaning itself when attempting to scratch it. But I'm ready for it, because the alternative is frost bite. Also, you can get some pretty damn beautiful ones these days. I could rock a playful Pug vibe from ASOS a paw print from Topshop. Even Net-A-Porter are stocking some furry fancies from Coach (left) and Karl Lagerfeld (right). Bring it on Winter.

Top- Topshop / Middle- ASOS / Bottom- Net-A-Porter

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