Sunday, December 7, 2014

Styling a Tulle Skirt

Last night my friend Catie and I were trying to decide where to go out for a meal. Her husband suggested Pizza Express. After several seconds of silence, I responded 'Well...I'll be wearing a tutu, so I think Pizza Express is out.'

In case you hadn't noticed, tulle is kind of a big deal right now. There's a plethora of tulle skirts in a varying colours, lengths and price ranges to choose from.  I was so OBSESSED with buying this skirt, that during Black Friday weekend I scoured every Topshop within a 10km radius of Oxford St trying to get it. I even went into the fitting rooms and asked to inspect their rails. By the grace of god, I found one (it's sold out now) and I intend to wear the shit out of it.

Styling a tutu can be tricky. One wrong move and you could end up looking like an extra in a particularly cheesy panto. These are my tips:

  • Keep it simple on top.  With length and volume on your lower half, you need to keep the balance by avoiding anything fussy on top. Choose a simple knit or a crop top.
  • Choose a dark shade like navy, black or green to make it winter appropriate
  • Go for a ladylike approach and pair with a classic pump heel
  • Channel Courtney Love by choosing a chunky ankle boot

  • Go too princessy. A smattering of sparkle here are there is festive season appropriate, perhaps an embellished knit or Art Deco inspired necklace. If you escalate it to tiara, you have gone too far
  • Wear sneakers. You are not Lily Allen circa 2006
  • Opt for anything shorter than knee length. You want to keep it adult, not mother/daughter dance recital
  • Wear tights. The hint of bare skin beneath is key to the sex appeal of a tulle skirt

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